I love my ADHD!

How can a dog have ADHD?

Well I’ll tell you.  It’s normal, it goes back to the way my brain was formed, well not my brain but my ancestors from way before there were dogs. I don’t know how it works but we were built to be hunters giving us certain characteristics to help us find food and protect ourselves.

Humans developed gathering skills and some think you don’t need these ADHD skill anymore but I don’t buy it. Maybe everyone does not need it but I think without it humans might not be on top of the food chain.

There are too many great things ADHD has brought to humanity that without it you might still be living in the dark ages.

Here’s why:  (Hat Tip Pete Quily Adult ADHD Coach)

1. The Ability to Hyperfocus.
Hours of full engagement and concentration in a task.

2. Rapid Fire Mind.
Your brain processes information at hyperspeed.

3. Multitasking at Will.
Able to do several projects at a time with ease.

4. High Energy Level.
You’re able to keep going on a project (if it’s interesting, ADDers are more into creative and entrepreneurial activities than clerical and repetitive ones). 14-hour days? No problem.

5. Highly Creative.
Able to think beyond the idea of a box. This comes naturally for ADDers.

6. Quick Learner.
IF it’s something you’re interested in. ADD is mainly a condition of boredom; you have no trouble paying attention to something if it’s interesting.  Dr Ed Hallowell, who has ADD and has written several books on ADHD, said he stopped teaching Psychiatry at Harvard University because the non-ADDer’s brains were just too slow and they took so long to get it. He got tired of being continually frustrated waiting for them to catch up to the ADD students.

7. Stimulus Seeking Brain.
Being an info junkie can be a good thing. Well, not always:)

8. Constantly Scanning your Environment.
Allows you to notice more and find information and resource that others miss. Also allows you to see possible problems before they arise, and opportunities that others may not see because they have tunnel vision vs. multiplex vision.

9. Great in a Crisis.
High energy intense situation? Lots of chaos and change? Sign me up; I thrive on stimulation, change and chaos. We can create order from chaos effortlessly. We can also create such an environment as well if needed.

10. Risk Taker.
Impulsivity means you’re more willing to take risks and have a bias for action, act now while the opportunity is hot instead of getting into analysis paralysis. Many entrepreneurs have ADD i.e. Paul Orfalea who founded Kinko’s, JetBlue Founder and CEO David Neeleman who attributes his creativity to ADD. Both are Billionaires. Imagine how successful a high tech CEO would be if they didn’t take many risks.

Read the complete article here: Top 10 Advantages of ADHD in a High Tech Career

Also 151 positive characteristics of people with ADD

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