ADD Sucks

No damn it! I have ADHD. I’m not alone either. Google search comes up with over a million for “I hate my ADHD”. Youtube has tons of videos and there are lots on articles and blogs on the subject.Here is a ebook 10 things I hate about ADHD.

What’s my problem(s)

I can’t keep a job because I’m smarter than everyone else (suuure). They hate it when I correct them.

I can’t keep a business running be cause I only do the parts I want to do and the damn IRS wants me to do paperwork.

My wife can’t stand the mess, the smart talk and she likes me to bring home $$$.

My kids blame me for their ADD. (I blame my dad)

I can’t stop doing stuff I like.

I rarely sleep with the non-stop thinking.

Time? What’s that? I can’t get things done on time and I hate to be late.

My kids are always late and eating breakfast and tying shoes in the car while I’m screaming to hurry up.

I am a know-it-all and a boor and I can’t stop it.

I have few friends but many acquaintances, I guess they can only take so much of me.

I am attracted to other ADDers when they can keep up with me but can’t stand stupid ADD mistakes.

Addictions! Don’t get me started! :-[

Co-morbidity, Thanks a lot, just what I needed depression!

Concerta, Adderall, Ritalin. Thanks I always wanted to be zombified.

That’s enough for now. I see something shiny.

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