New Evidence that ADHD may Enhance Creativity


Posted by Bryan Hutchinson on May 22, 2012

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Hello everyone, great news and something I wrote about already a few times. It is great to get some more, much needed validation. I mentioned the study below before and since I like the way it is presented in the below newsletter from Dr. Rabiner, I thought it would be nice to share it with you! I have pretty much copied and pasted it. He sends out some great information so you might want to consider subscribing to his newsletter if you like.

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New Evidence that ADHD may Enhance Creativity

The difficulties associated with ADHD have been extensively documented. In fact, such studies comprise a substantial portion of the published research on ADHD. This type of work has helped increase awareness of the struggles experienced by many individuals with ADHD and has highlighted the importance of obtaining appropriate treatment.

What has been lost – or at least overlooked – in most ADHD research is the possibility that ADHD may also confer some benefits. Certainly, many individuals with ADHD manage to thrive and it is not uncommon to hear individuals discuss ways that having ADHD has benefited them. I certainly recall several of my clients reporting that ‘getting lost in their thoughts’, having different ideas rolling around in their mind when they were supposed to be focusing on one thing, and having their attention easily drawn to things going on around them contributed to their generating lots of interesting ideas and to putting things together in interesting ways.

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