People with ADD / ADHD are natural innovators.


What I really like about this article is the positive advice to changing the world by making things easier for us ADDers to flourish. I agree. Too many workplaces are not ADHD friendly and rather than using the best traits we have we get stifled and unhappy being drones.

Given the right environment ADHDers can be very innovative and when they realize that they can’t find the right work environment they often become entrepreneurs and create their own environment, however imperfect that may be.

Smart business managers have recognized these facts and lead the way. I hope other businesses, especially those run by ADHDers will realise this and make changes to their operations to allow for the innovation hidden inside us to see the light of day.

Attention Deficit Disorder: The Heart of Innovation

By Carol Gignoux 

People with ADD / ADHD are natural innovators. They have the type of brain that instinctively looks for solutions to problems and won’t give up until they succeed. Since the ADD brain is constantly seeking stimulation, the perfect playground for the ADD brain is giving them an impossible task that they can overcome. ADD + impossible challenges = a winning combination and the most loving of all ADD relationships.

The nightly news interviews, the talk show hosts, the academics, the economists, the politicians – we’re all talking about what America needs right now – not tomorrow or soon, but RIGHT NOW. We need it right now because we are in economic distress and the relief from that distress, many are saying, is to resurrect our natural organic inclination toward innovation. That’s our true power in the world, what we are known for, and a way out of the global economic stalemate we currently find ourselves in. Innovation has been a major factor in fueling a booming economy throughout history. It is a source of much of our wealth and our advantage when competing in a global economy.

The understanding of how to rebuild the economy is one thing – having the right people to do the rebuilding is another. My area of expertise is the latter: finding and identifying the innovators.

Some we know and some we do not know. The reason we don’t know some of them is because we tend to not recognize or acknowledge their true ability and value. Instead, we concentrate on the behaviors that annoy us, frustrate our efforts to do things our way, and how they are unreliable, unorganized, undependable and bad communicators. But ignoring their gifts is exactly like throwing the baby away with the bath water. They may irritate us – but they also historically have been the greatest innovators throughout history. They may not do things the way we want – but they could potential save our collective butt!

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As the founder and CEO of ADD Insights, LLC, Carol Gignoux’s passion is to provide services that transform the lives of people with ADHD. Carol is well established as an expert within the ADHD coaching profession with over 35 years experience working with ADHD and over 16 years coaching.

You can reach Carol at her website: Twitter: @ADDInsights

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