Learn About ADHD in School

What is ADHD? - Treating ADHD - Parenting - School - Woman and Teens  Adult 

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What is ADHD? - Treating ADHD - Parenting - School - Woman and Teens  Adult 

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Learn About ADHD in School — 2 Comments

  1. above, there is a chance for midniagsosis and overmedication at times, but there are kids out there who truly have attention and hyperactivity disorders. I am currently a psych and education major and have an ADHD child of my own. We tried really hard not to put him on medication for the disorder, but in the end it was the only thing that really helped him. The difference at school has been like night and day for my son. He was constantly sent home with notes that he had been to principal’s office for problems in class (he had poor impulse control). His grades also suffered. He was the lowest in his class when it came to reading. He is a very smart kid so that just did not sit well with me. Once he started his medicine (near the end of 1st grade) he jumped from being the lowest to one of the highest in his class on reading. Now he is doing better making friends because he will pay attention to what they want to do and cooperate with them. It has helped him so much. Also, we had therapy for him (as well as parenting class for my husband and I) to help him (and us!) with his impulse control and ways to combat it. It is a very real disorder!

    • Sounds like you are having great success as the vast majority of people do. I think the parenting class is great. My son started meds the beginning of second grade and has had great success as well. Now he is a Mechanical Engineering freshman in college. He never would have gotten there with out the meds and our constant attention.

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