Learn About ADHD Treatment

What is ADHD? - Treating ADHD - Parenting - School - Woman and Teens  Adult 

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Treating ADHD

What is ADHD? - Treating ADHD - Parenting - School - Woman and Teens  Adult 

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Learn About ADHD Treatment — 1 Comment

  1. Have you tried to treat their son with the drug? If not, I recommend that you do. See, this is the taicve ingredient in ADHD medication identical to a chemical that is produced naturally in the human brain. People with ADHD do not have enough of this chemical, and that is why they have problems concentrating. ADHD medications are safe and have no harmful side effects. I’m on medication for my ADHD since 1986, and it has been nothing but beneficial to me. The only side effect it has had is that it makes me sleepy at night, when it makes subsides, but this is actually a positive thing because it’s me sleep better le4sst.ADHS a medical condition like diabetes, and is most effective with drug treatment. If your son had diabetes, you would not hesitate to him on insulin setzen.Wenn My son has tried the drug and it has not worked, or had bad side effects, then I suggest that cognitive behavioral therapy, because it really is not all plant drugs for ADHD. However, the most effective way to treat ADHD with a combination of therapy and medication.

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