5 Most Annoying Things in Life

prepare to be annoyed

What are your most annoying things in life?

It’s 8:00 AM, you forgot your coffee on the kitchen counter, you’re currently stuck in traffic and you had a meeting at work this morning…at 8:00 AM…yikes.

Don’t worry, I’m sure your boss will understand, even if it wasn’t the first time you were late.

But if he doesn’t, the economy is doing just fine and finding a new job will be a cinch.

Oh wait, the economy is on the verge of collapsing and the only jobs available are at PetSmart grooming bloodthirsty poodles (if you’re lucky)…more yikes.

Here are five annoying things in life which I, and others (thanks to my Facebook peeps), have found to be annoying, whether you consider them to be the “most” annoying things in life is up to you.

1. Annoying Things in Life: Junk mail

Have you become sick of being notified [via snail mail] that you’re “PRE-APPROVED!”

Maybe you gave up on checking your email account because you receive more than 100 messages a day offering digital cameras at 9000 percent-off retail value.

That’s a steal! No seriously, they were probably stolen.

Stolen, annoying things in life are the worst. My favorite annoying junk email is when I receive messages from “Dr. John Smith” offering me 30 percent of a 700-million-dollar account.

All I have to do to get my share of the money is send my social security number, bank account number and home phone number to him…all while keeping his identity concealed from EVERYONE…sounds like a deal of a lifetime to me!

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