Foot in mouth disease


I argue with my husband when I’m supposed to leave to get to Therapy.I yell at him “That stupid Therapist told me I got ADHD,but I’m not disorganized so it can’t be!”
Then I rummage through my house and he asks what I’m looking for. yell at him”MY BAG GODDAMMIT!!!! Finally I find my bag in some corner where nobody would ever care to place it in the first place.I try to fish my make-up out and discover it’s not there either.I yell at him again “GODDAMMIT WHY DO YOU ALWAYS LOSE MY S***!!!” He asks again “I thought you found your bag,what do you need now?”- “MY STUPID MAKE-UP”
He replies “Oh okay” (dumfounded” After looking through the car,my entire toiletries and a pile of random stuff I finally figured out I had it in my bag the whole time,I simply forgot.So I finally admit:”Fine, maybe she’s right,I’m a little ADD”

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