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I was pregnant with our second baby when Jon hit the “terrible 2′s”. To be honest, I never really thought of them as the terrible 2′s because ever since the day Jon was born, it had been a lot of chaos!

I won’t use the word terrible because I think that’s just well….mean. ADHD is a birth anomaly and I seriously tried to just do the best I could with what I was dealt. Some days were better than others, and I have to admit here quite frankly that I’ve never been a saint. I regularly called my poor husband, Bob on the phone at his job at the VA Medical Center and told him I thought I was going to kill someone…either myself or my son!

He always patiently listened to me and told me it would get better. I in my stupidity believed him most often. In all honesty, just that little lifeline would put me back on track and would give me the strength to face another day with a child with ADHD. It also helped that I had the best back-up known to man or woman….my Bob.

All that said, I was none too pleased when one day out of the blue, Bob told me he was leaving on a business trip for his job. He would be gone 3 days and to me, that sounded like forever. “Where does it say that you can leave me for a business trip?” I kindly asked through gritted teeth.

Especially when we have a child with ADHD and I’m pregnant I wanted to add but I refrained. He patiently explained to me like I was developmentally delayed that he had to go….his job required it and there were no ifs, ands or buts about it….after all, it was a short term deal. Then he pulled out the big guns and added the kicker that he was sure I could handle it. You betcha.

The day of his leaving dawned….a beautiful sunny spring day in Detroit. It didn’t seem fair. It just didn’t. As I drove with him sleepily to the airport with Jon the electric (up since 5:00 without an alarm) in the back seat, I was mentally telling myself it would be okay. It would give us some bonding time and before I knew it, Bob would be back. Sure…I’m talking myself into it more and more.

After checking in and finding a spot in the chairs to wait for his flight to be called, we were sitting together, holding hands. I was beginning to worry more and more about this whole thing. Could I possibly handle my ticking time bomb son on my own? It really was a bit of a challenge every day but knowing that Bob would always be there got me through it.

I started to get weepy though Bob was trying yet again to reassure me all would be well…it would all be over before I knew it. I was beginning to think maybe just throwing myself at his feet and screaming “Don’t leave me” might be a good option. Although even I would have been embarrassed as he tried to shake me off his pant leg as he bolted for the plane.

Suddenly, however, while trying to reassure me, he stopped mid sentence with his mouth hanging open as he peered over my shoulder.

I turned to follow his gaze only to discover our darling firstborn with his head pinned underneath a Hertz Rent-A-Car sign. He had climbed up onto the wrought iron fence guarding the sign. Apparently investigating the mechanism that turned the sign, he didn’t notice when the sign came around and pinned his head.

I was torn between screaming, laughing and giving thanks. I know it sounds a bit sick but honestly…this was the first time I think I’d seen him ever be still! (I might add it still holds the record)

I turned to Bob and whispered “Do you think we can leave him there…..just like for a minute?”

I know – I should be arrested by the ADHD police.

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