“My hotdog looks just like Daddy’s weeny!”


Funny things your ADHD kids say…..

Posted 05/29/2011

Well, I know we’ve all been there. The lack of impulse control, etc… sometimes comes out verbally and I’m sure that we as a group probably have a plethora of funny stories to share. I’ll share two with you that just happened this past week to get us started.
A little back round first…. Our DD is five and is one of those kids who talks incessantly – sometimes very loudly. LOL! So, the other day we ran to a local burger joint to grab a quick dinner before heading to the grocery store. We got both of our kids corn dogs so we could just eat quickly and go. As our DD was eating I suddenly saw this puzzled look come over her face. She pealed the breading back off of her corn dog and then VERY loudly exclaimed “Hey!”. “My hotdog looks just like Daddy’s weeny!” LOL! LOL! Thankfully everyone who sat in the booths around us laughed and thought she was funny because her voice literally carried throughout the entire restaurant. LOL!  Continue Reading

Feature image: http://www.cooksinfo.com

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