succes 1


  1. At age 4 success is…..not peeing in your pants.
  2. At age 12 success is…having friends.
  3. At age 16 success is…having a driver’s license.
  4. At age 20 success is…having sex.
  5. At age 35 success is …having money.
  6. At age 50 success is …having money.
  7. At age 60 success is….having sex.
  8. At age 70 success is….having a driver’s license.
  9. At age 75 success is….having friends.
  10. At age 80 success is….not peeing in your pants.


Foot in mouth disease


I argue with my husband when I’m supposed to leave to get to Therapy.I yell at him “That stupid Therapist told me I got ADHD,but I’m not disorganized so it can’t be!”
Then I rummage through my house and he asks what I’m looking for. yell at him”MY BAG GODDAMMIT!!!! Finally I find my bag in some corner where nobody would ever care to place it in the first place.I try to fish my make-up out and discover it’s not there either.I yell at him again “GODDAMMIT WHY DO YOU ALWAYS LOSE MY S***!!!” He asks again “I thought you found your bag,what do you need now?”- “MY STUPID MAKE-UP”
He replies “Oh okay” (dumfounded” After looking through the car,my entire toiletries and a pile of random stuff I finally figured out I had it in my bag the whole time,I simply forgot.So I finally admit:”Fine, maybe she’s right,I’m a little ADD”

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