Will Your ADD Child Old Grow Up To Be A Gambler?

Psychologists can now determine by personalities that as young as three years old if your child might be future gamber.

According to a 30 year-long longitudinal study by University of Missouri’s Wendy Slutske and colleagues. They used data observing 939 individuals over as long as 30 years. 22 behavioral descriptors were tested to separate the participating toddlers into five temperament groups: under-controlled (10.4%), inhibited (7.8%), confident (27.5%), reserved (14.8%), and well-adjusted (39.6%).

The study found a 50 percent increase in the likelyhood to be a gambler in the under-controlled temperament group when checked again at 21 and 32 years of age compared to the other groups. These potential gamblers were described as restless, willful, impulsive, emotionally labile, impersistent, having fleeting attention, having expressed negativism, and withdrawing from tasks.

The report reasoned: “Perhaps it is the combination of impulsivity (or risk taking) in conjunction with the tendency toward negative emotions, such as anger, hostility, and anxiety, that constitutes the personality vulnerability for disordered gambling.”

The men in this study were significantly more likely than women to report disordered gambling at age 32 – 6.4 percent versus 1.9 percent.

Sounds a lot like the description of many ADHDers to me.
The link between ADHD and gambling is not new.

There are plenty of detractors as well, but the point is this. As parents it is our job to understand the issues involved and potential pitfalls to avoid when raising our children. Potential proclivity for gambling can be a serious issue and being forewarned is forearmed.

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