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FREE ADDsherpa Drug Discount Card

ADDsherpa now offers you another way to save on prescription costs. With the ADDsherpa Drug Discount Card you can save up to 80% off the price of your prescription medications. The card may be used by those without insurance and by those who decide not to use their insurance – for example if the drug is not covered under their plan, the copay or deductible is high, the cap has been reached, or if they are in the donut hole.

The free ADDsherpa Drug Discount Card is accepted at over 61,000 pharmacies, including major chains such as Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid and at regional chains and local stores.

There are no income, insurance or residency requirements, and no fees or registration process needed to use the card. One card can be shared with friends and family members, or they can print their own.

The card can also be used for over-the-counter medications and medical supplies if written on a prescription blank, and pet prescription medicines purchased at a pharmacy.

The card is active immediately and never expires. Every time the card is used, ADDsherpa receives a small amount to keep our website up-to-date and growing.

What If I Have Insurance?

Anyone can use the card but it can’t be combined with insurance. You can use it instead of insurance if:

  • The insurance has no drug coverage
  • There is a high drug deductible
  • There is a low medicine cap that has been met
  • There is a high copay and the card offers a better price
  • You are in the Medicare Part D donut hole

The card cannot be used to lower a copayment.


Additional Questions

You will probably find an answer on the Questions and Answers page.

A Few Things You Should Know

  • This card is not an insurance program-it’s a discount card.
  • There may be no savings for certain drugs, including many inexpensive generics.


Here’s how it works:

  • Download a card HERE and print the page.
  • Cut out the card.
  • Give the card to the pharmacist along with your prescription.
  • The pharmacist will tell you how much you saved using our drug discount card.
  • For a list of participating pharmacies enter your zip code in the pharmacy search.

Pharmacy Search

5 Digit Zip Code  Distance:  ZIP Only  5 miles  10 miles  15 miles  20 miles


This card is provided in cooperation with NeedyMeds.org and Argus PharmaGroup.

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