Great Things About Having ADD / ADHD

Thanks to:

Insomnia makes for more time to stay up and surf the net!

The drive of hyper-focus.


A sparking personality.

Generosity with money, time and resources.


A strong sense of whats FAIR.

Willingness to take a RISK.

Making far reached analogies that no one else understands.


Possessing the mind of a Pentium-with only 2 MBs of RAM.

Pleasant and constant and suprises due to finding clothing, or money or spouses you had forgotten about.


Being the last of the romantics.

Being a good conversationalist.

An innately better understanding of intuitive technologies, such as computers or PDA’s

Honestly believing ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

Rarely being satisfied with the status quo.



Joining the ranks of artists, musicians, and entrepreneurs, and other creative types.

Always being there to provide a different perspective.

Willingness to fight for what you believe in.

Excellence in motivating others!

Being highly organized, punctual, and generally responsible………( okay! i lied!)

Thanks to: Jerry Rodgers MD.

Can meet someone, fall deeply in love, marry, fight, hate, and divorce, all in about 35 minutes or less.

Can see all of your worldly possessions at one time…because they are all over the floor

Make far reaching analogies that no one else understands. Write them off as “Deep Thoughts”

The mind of a Pentium–with only 2 Megs of RAM

Able to tie seemingly unrelated ideas together

Qualify for bulk rate mail on tax returns because you have at least 24 W-2′s attached.

Honestly believes that anything is possible

Willing to “step out on faith”

A greater tolerance for “Chaos”

Provides job security for writers of Spell Check programs

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