7 WRONG Ways to Decide Your Life’s Career


An open letter to graduates.

by Sunny May 23, 2012

It’s that time of year again when a new crop of ambitious young folk will be graduating high school and heading off into their glorious futures by selecting the exact wrong career for themselves.

We all want nothing more than to have that perfect career that makes us feel like life is the equivalent of skipping through a summer field, with flowers in bloom all around and the golden sunshine on your face (this is a fictional world where there are no bugs in that summer field). Most of us instead end up with a career like that miserable camping trip where it rained the whole time and you were freezing and tired and hungry non-stop…oh yes, and lots and lots of nasty, crawling, dirty bugs.

Reportedly over half of American workers hate their jobs. Only 45% of Americans report being “satisfied” with their jobs. (Frankly if being “satisfied” means happy I’ll go shoot myself in the head right now.) Has this dearth of people in happy careers stopped succeeding generations from going through the same completely wrong process leading to the same terribly wrong decision? No. No it hasn’t. I’m not breaking any sound barriers here – I’m not going to tell you how to pick the right career – but here are 7 common, and completely wrong, ways people make career decisions that may lead to the TWENTY YEAR camping trip from hell.

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